Impress others with your watch?

Damien Chow


Yes, you can. Customise and tell a story behind it.

Most of us love to customise stuff. It could be customising your mobile phone case or an invitation card.

You feel proud of your efforts. And receive compliments from friends and loved ones.

To impress someone special, you’ll need to customise an object that is visible to others but not too distracting. It has to be flexible enough for you to tell a story behind it.

Personalized watch

We thought a watch would make a perfect accessory to customise. It’s highly visible on our wrists. It’s not distracting.

If you take the opportunity to customize the strap, you can show your creativity and tell a story with meaningful text such as your name, birthday, favorite place or sport.

Here’s a video of how to impress someone with a special customised watch.

Stay tuned for our next blog post. You’ll see how easy it is to customise and what the possibilities are!